As you may know already, coffee has oils mixed with flavors and starches coming from inside the beans...  and you probably know what happens to the oily food when exposed to the air.  That's why, like your bread, your coffee has to be fresh (although we respect what you like)


  • Roasted Coffee

    For your delight, your coffee is going to be roasted to order, packed straight from the cooling

    tray to the bag and sealed in one way valve bags.

    Every batch is roasted by skills, not by software, because every lot of coffee is different. 

  • Cold Brew

    Our glass bottled cold brew.  Like nothing else!.

    Plain cold brew cans

    Roasted to perfection, brewed and filtered as a whole process.  Brewed fresh means not rancid oils on your cold brew. This is great coffee that doesn't need a gimmick.  

  • Assorted

    Things that we do, service we provide, gifts, or anything else we do that is not coffee.

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