The New Mexico Department of Agriculture closed its program of certification for Organic.  That leave us with a big mess behind: 

1.  There are not even one Organic Certifier in New Mexico.  If you know of someone, please let us know.

2. To re-certify we need to hire somebody out of state and pay travel time while inspecting us, and for any re-inspection. (Usually 1000s on hotels, food, car rentals, flights on first class, etc)

3. The cost of the organic certification makes impossible to keep current prices.

4. All our labels says "Certified by NM dept of agriculture" and is not more.

5. While all this changes happen, we may lose the certification for a few months, and our promise to keep the processes already in place  is our guarantee that our coffee is still organic.

6. Our Organic Certification certify handling of the products.  So, when we say Organic coffee on the label, is because we have the certificate in our hand for the coffee we say is organic.  Feel free to ask us for that certificate whenever you are in doubt.

6. Please contact us for any question.  Call, email or text. Let us know your ideas.

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