Roasted Coffee

For your delight, your coffee is going to be roasted to order, packed straight from the cooling

tray to the bag and sealed in one way valve bags.

Every batch is roasted by skills, not by software, because every lot of coffee is different. 

Roasted coffee organic conventional decaf single origin or a blend


  • Conventional

    We usually carry a dozen of different conventional coffees from around the world.  Juan, our roastmaster, personally samples and pick every coffee we carry.  Therefore, for any question about origins, roasting, flavor profile, whatever about coffee, write to

  • Organic

    No banned pesticides are used on the farm trees, not forbidden chemicals at storage and we handle organic coffees separated from the conventional ones.

  • Decaf

    For those times when tired and need to sleep with a delicious cup of coffee...  here you have our decaf.  Is hard to pick a flavorful decaf, and is harder is you are getting a water processed (to avoid any poison in your coffee).  From many samples, I give you my best.  Enjoy!

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