Tanzania Peaberry
  • Tanzania Peaberry
  • Tanzania Peaberry
  • Tanzania Peaberry

Tanzania Peaberry


Fruity, low acidity, heavy body, medium-mostly dark roast.  While supplies last. 

Current:  Moshi, Kilimanjaro

Size: 12 Oz
How: WholeBean


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Usually, every coffee berry has two seed inside. Peaberries are the anomaly of having only only seed on the coffee cherry, therefore they grow more compact and pack better flavor compared with the other cherries growing on the same tree.  Wait... they are pea berries...  but the coffee tree produce coffee cherries?  Yes, the berries of the coffee tree, we call them coffee cherries... 

This is a seasonal single origin.  If not available to order is because I coulnt find a good lot of these beans.

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