How we roast our coffee??

Currently we roast on a Diedrich 12Kg coffee roaster and makes batches of about 25 pounds.  I like Probats too, but they are more bulky, thats why I decided on the Diedrich.  Believe on this one:  The quality of the coffee roaster machine plays a huge role on how good your roasting is.  We do it by hand, no computer, because every batch is different, on weight, on density, on beans size, etc... and even our environment, sometimes is very dry... sometimes is rainy... low atmospheric pressure affect gas pressure...  and yes, you can set a profile for every situation, but you end with too many profiles for same coffee...

The GIF at the top was made from a mp4 video with the following line:

ffmpeg -i roast1.mp4 -vf scale=320:240 -r 2 roast1.gif