As you may have notice, there is no Express Paypal Checkout.

The short answer is that the fast paypal button skips the customer address stage, and therefore, was not charging taxes to the New Mexico folks!. 

The long answer is that as we operate from New Mexico, we are required to collect taxes to New Mexico customers.  Prestashop Paypal module has this Buy Now with Paypal, that jumps straight to sign into paypal without asking the address first, and charges the price without taxes.  That was fine for customers out the state, but we were paying the taxes for local customers. So I disabled it, and hope, that you my friend, will understand of why have to put your address first.  

And if you liked Odacrem Coffee, and plan to buy again, put a password at your email and login back next time in an easy step.  I promise your address is secure and no other info is stored in our database.  Your payment happens on the website of the card processor (Paypal or Stripe) as you can see on the URL of your payment. 

Thanks for reading and for your understanding!