There are hundreds of flavored coffees at the local store.  I mean vanilla, hazelnut, amaretto, chocolate, brownie, cookie, etc, etc, lol, etc...

Why Odacrem doesnt have any flavored coffee?  Let me start with a little sad story:  One of my customers ask me for a blend of pinon nuts and coffee beans...   she said that she buy than one everywhere!  So, I told here that there is no pinon nuts blend, that what is on the market is a blend of coffee beans with the synthetic flavor of nuts, and never with real pinon nuts.  She bet on her coffee, and lost!.  There were no pinon nuts on her coffee.  Sad.

So, the answer is easy:  My organic customers will not like if I had those poisonous chemicals on my roastery.  Just think about it:  chemicals flavors are used to disguise cheap or old and stale coffee.  I could make a lot of money by doing that, but does it worth it?  Does it worth to poison my friends for a few bucks?  Nah... I pass.

There is a lot of info about flavored coffee. So, is up to you.    <=Click here!

Or this one!   <==Click here